Marriage is an institution founded and established by God. God ordained the first marriage on the earth. Accordingly we believe that God has a plan for each and every child of God. In this plan of God, Marriage indeed plays the central and vital role. Being a parent and also a child of God it is important that we give choice to God to give us the right partner whose plans are much higher than we could think or even imagine, instead of taking into our own hands. Suvaartha helps in the process to find out your right partner, the choice of God. As we give top most priority to the spiritual aspect for a candidate, we believe this will help you to find out the God made partner. We only provide platform but your spirit of discernment that which plays key role. As we join you in prayers for this important purpose, we welcome all the Christians and converts to come up with your profiles to help establish the kingdom of God on this earth. Be assured that we know sensitivity and the privacy involved in this matter. We keep your matters confidential but expose only to the extent you allow us. Come, join us and help build a values oriented and bible based Christian families for His glory