Great to have you here

Suvaartha team greet you in the glorious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for visiting us online and it is a delight and privilege to welcome you to our ‘Suvaartha’ family. ‘Suvaartha’ is a Telugu (a language of the people in Andhra Pradesh, South India) word for the English ‘Gospel.’ Suvaartha is grounded on the commission of our Lord Jesus Christ “Go ye and preach to all the nations” which is our driving force

  • God, the father, originated the Gospel/ the ‘Suvaartha.’
  • Christ, the son, personified the Gospel/ the ‘Suvaartha.’
  • Cross, the means, confirmed the Gospel/ the “Suvaartha.’
  • Resurrection, the gateway, empowered the Gospel/the ‘Suvaartha.’
  • Holy Spirit, the comforter, carries the Gospel/the ‘Suvaartha.’
  • We, the STV team, visualize this Gospel/‘Suvaartha.’

Scope and Network

Suvaartha started as a city channel and has been consistently extending its network year by year. Suvaartha now is a no more a city channel but a favorite regional channel of over ten million people in the state of Andhra Pradesh. India being the second largest populated country, each district itself is huge in population. Suvaartha is focusing independently on each district of the state of Andhra Pradesh, South India. Suvaartha is, currently, covering the two capital districts of Andhra Pradesh state namely Krishna (4.7 million) and Guntur districts/regions (5.1), accessible to over ten million people altogether.

Suvaartha is operated though cable system, having established control points in different sub centers. Suvaartha central office is in Vijayawada and is coordinated with three other local offices in Guntur, Machilipatnam and Narasaraopet.

Scope and Network

The Need

a)Inexpensive: Satellite channels which have state wide network are very expensive, costs about forty thousand rupees a month (six hundred US dollars a month, more or less). Average income of 80% pastors is six thousand Indian rupees in a village (hundred dollars), ten thousand in a small town (hundred and sixty US dollars) and twenty thousand in a city (three hundred dollars). Suvaartha is accessible that it provides weekly slot for just one thousand rupees (fifteen US dollars).

b)Approachable: Satellite channels are stationed in the capital with an office, which is about nine hour’s drive from one end of the state to the other, so also the viewer/receiver/respondent. Whereas regional channel like Suvaartha is hardly one hour for a pastor to reach. Pastor can directly meet the receiver and helps him to encourage personally. More significantly, local meetings or programs are hardly advertised in a satellite channel, the add tariff is very high. But regional channel is the key platform for all the pastors to communicate, promote or connect.

c)Enough Scope:TV evangelism helps to reach the unreached as it goes straight into the living rooms. The focus of a pastor/church in general would be to reach his/her local village, or town, or at the most the district/region. Suvaartha meets this vision. Indeed the scope is limited to a region but the fact that nearly four to five million people access the program right in their living rooms is reasonable enough to answer all the questions when compared with the amount paid.